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How to Make Money Selling Iaso Tea

Iaso Tea is a herbal tea blended with iaia, a Hawaiian plant that is also known as “Wild Coffee”

How to Make Money Selling Iaso Tea

If you’ve been drinking Iaso tea for its relaxing and stress-relieving properties, it might be time to think about how you can sell iaso tea and make money from it. 

There are several opportunities for you to do just that as a home business or side hustle. 

The market is already saturated with teas, so you must consider different ways to stand out from the crowd.
In this blog post, we'll give you some tips on how to make money selling Iaso Tea. We'll cover everything from finding wholesale suppliers to marketing your products. With a little effort, you can start making money selling Iaso Tea in no time

What is Iaso Tea?

Iaso Tea is a herbal tea blended with iaia, a Hawaiian plant that is also known as “Wild Coffee”. 

The tea is said to increase energy, promote relaxation, improve sleep, and reduce cravings.
The herbal tea is made by Young Living, a Utah-based company that distributes essential oils and wellness products. During the cold and flu season, the teas are sold out almost immediately. 

However, they are available year-round, and they are also offered in a variety of flavours. Iaso teas claim to have benefits such as reducing inflammation, improving mental clarity and focus, increasing metabolism, and reducing bloating.

These benefits have been unproven by scientific research, but that hasn't stopped the tea from becoming a popular product.

Iaso Tea is sold by a company called Total Life Changes, or TLC. TLC is a multi-level marketing company, which means that it relies on its distributors (or "independent business owners," as they're called) to sell its products.
If you're thinking about selling Iaso Tea, you may be wondering how you can make money doing so. 

After all, TLC is a direct sales company, which means that you'll only make money if you can convince other people to buy the tea from you.

Best Ways to Make Money Selling Iaso Tea

So, here are the best way to make money selling Iaso Tea

1. Host Iaso Tea Parties for MLM Network Marketing

If you’re interested in selling Iaso tea as part of a network marketing opportunity, you can host Iaso tea parties at your home or online. 

During the parties, you can educate guests about the tea products, the business opportunity, and how to become distributors.
You’ll need to purchase samples of tea, essential oils, and other products that are offered through the network marketing opportunity. 

You can increase your sales by hosting the event in a location that is convenient for guests. 

Start by recruiting friends and family, especially those in the neighbourhood. 

Consider hosting the party on a weekend, and make it easy to find your house. 

Guests should be able to park nearby and walk to the event.

2. Become an Iaso tea Distributor

If you want to become an Iaso tea distributor, you’ll need to sign up for the opportunity, purchase samples of tea, essential oils, and other products, and learn about how to sell the products. 

The distributor opportunity varies among companies, so it’s important to do your research before signing up to become an Iaso tea distributor. 

The distributor role varies by company, but the following is an overview. You’ll need to: 

  • Identify your target market: Determine where your customers shop, what they like, and where they spend their time. 
  • Create a marketing strategy: Decide how you’ll reach your target audience and what you’ll say.  
  • Create and manage your sales funnel: Create an easy way for customers to purchase products from you. 
  • Manage your inventory: Make sure you have products when customers want them. 
  • Handle customer service issues: Resolve issues quickly and professionally. 
  • Build your team: Recruit resellers and distributors to increase your sales and income. 
  • Determine your profit: Calculate the cost of goods sold and know your break-even point. 
  • Keep accurate records: Record all activity in your sales funnel and keep good financial records. 
  • Stay compliant: Stay compliant with FTC rules and other regulations. 
  • Stay positive: Stay positive and work hard, and your business will grow.

3. Sell Iaso Tea Online

If you want to sell Iaso tea online, it’s important to select the right online selling platform. 

Be sure that you can list your products, be found by customers, and receive payments for your goods.
You’ll also want to select a platform that charges low or no fees. Here are some of the most popular selling platforms: - Amazon - Shopify - Etsy - Ebay - BigCommerce - Dropshipping Directory - Shopify


Iaso Tea is a product that is in high demand during the cold and flu season. However, it is available year-round. 

There are several ways for you to sell iaso tea and make money from it. You can host iaso tea parties, become an iaso tea distributor, or sell iaso tea online.
It’s important to select the right platform, be sure you can list your products, and receive payments.

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